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We suggest using Waff Mini Elites for balance, injury resilience in the lower extremities, full body strength, and more.

You can take them on the road conveniently, as well. Warming up on the Mini Elites pre-game is a great strategy for activating your CNS.

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Waff® Mini Elite is designed for people of all ages with a sporting profile to be used during activities ranging from balance training, muscle strengthening, stretching and cardio-muscular training to improving posture, stability & mobility, coordination, and stamina. 

The Waff® Mini Elite is made from a polyurethane base, which provides a more challenging dynamic reactivity than its entry-level sibling, Waff® Mini Classic.

Waff® Mini Elite is bio-degradable and earth friendly, making it a win-win product for humans and the environment.  

  • Space required 20 sqft
  • Diameter 14.2 Inch
  • inflating time 30 second with the mouth.
  • maximum weight 360 pounds

The main benefits obtained from a Waff medium workout (30 minutes) are :

  • A global body work
  • A impact on the deep muscular chains
  • No pain or contraints
  • An activation of the central nervous system.

What’s the difference between Waff Mini Classic and Waff Mini Elite?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is on the difference between our Classic line and our Elite series.


The simple answer is the challenge offered by each. The WAFF Mini Classic offers an all-levels scalable challenge for everyday individuals, fitness enthusiasts, older adults, yoga practitioners, postpartum moms, younger kids, for postural correction, as well as in a basic rehabilitation setting.


The WAFF Mini Elite is a progressive challenge meant for those whom are ready for another level of fitness, not unlike how you’re going to lift 5lbs before being able to lift 10lbs. In this case, the material of the Mini Elite provides a more reactive surface that challenges the sensory systems to find more stability, further amplifies the internal sensations stimulated by the Classic, and also forces the nervous system to recruit more muscle & fascia to get the job done.


So, how do you know if you’re ready for the Mini Elite?


If you’re someone with an intermediate to advanced level of fitness, an athlete, and/or someone who’s been using the Classic for some time and has found a level of proficiency—there’s a good chance you’re ready for your next challenge with the WAFF Mini Elite!

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