Two types of products meant for everyone:

The Classic, for soft gym and mobility,

The Elite for fitness and core training

  • Cover



    In the Waff® language, a "Cover" means a second skin. The Cover fully preserves the original qualities of the Waff®. It is made of an Eco- friendly, high quality material that is washable, dries very quickly, and is very easy to install. 20...

    $90.00 - $160.00
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  • W Cover


    W Cover

    The W cover is made of elastomer coated polyester jersey, covered with a high-performance varnish. The touch of peach skin and the "saddler" finish give the cover a top-of-the-range positioning. Perfectly adapted to the medical and paramedical...

    $690.00 - $990.00
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What Athletes think about Waff

"I use it all the time, that's why I feel very confident talking about it and saying: Yes it is worth the investment"

Ashley, Lifestyle and Master Trainer

"I use the Waff Mini in the morning to stretch my body because my back hurts a lot when I'm stressed"

Rodo, Pro Wakeboarder World Champion

"Waff is not only challenging your core, it's challenging your entire nervous system"

James "Mr Banksfit" Banks, Trainer